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FREE ‘Recycling Display Kit’ for schools in Merseyside and Halton.

This is a FREE resource full of fantastic activities and display materials to help you spread the Recycle Right message to your school community. 

Activities can be used in small groups or whole classes to inspire discussion and spark children’s curiosity about looking after their world. 

What is the Recycling Display Kit? 

Your loan begins with a whole school assembly from our ECO Officer introducing the kit to your pupils and how to Recycle Right.

The kit will stay with you for 1 month to allow you time to complete 4 tasks. On completion of these tasks your school will be awarded a £25 voucher for you to spend as you wish on resources or even on a party to celebrate all your efforts.

  • Task 1 is to hand out our exciting activity booklets to all your pupils to take home. 
  • Task 2 is to create a display of the materials in the kit for your parents and carers to view and learn from. 
  • Task 3 is to run a competition using our Tin Can Bale to raise school funds and awareness about the importance of recycling. 
  • Task 4 is to arrange a litter pick on school grounds or out and about in areas around your school.

Once your month is complete our ECO Officer will come and collect the kit, check your progress and award you with your voucher for all your hard work.

How do I request the kit for my school?

You can start by submitting your interest for the kit by filling in a request form. You will be added to a waiting list and our ECO Officer will be in touch with you when the kit is available. 

Any questions? Please get in touch with Rachel our ECO Officer at [email protected] 

Recycling Display and banner set up in a school classroom
Personal protective clothing laid out on the floor
Small bale of aluminium cans