Merseyside and Halton - Transfer Stations

Four facilities in Merseyside to transfer the regions waste and recycling
Veolia Truck

Our Transfer Stations play a vital role in segregating and transporting waste and recycling from homes across the region.

Each waste transfer station is designed to receive residual household waste, recyclables and street cleansing waste.

They are delivery points for local waste collection vehicles, ensuring more time is spent by the local council’s resource in delivering their services than travelling long distances to unload. 

Veolia Merseyside Wagon

After waste and recycling has been delivered by the waste collection vehicles, it is transferred onto much larger vehicles, capable of transporting up to four times as much as a kerbside collection vehicle. This transfer delivers a significant reduction in the amount of vehicle miles needed to move the waste, which helps to reduce local traffic and the associated environmental impact.

There are four Transfer Stations within Merseyside & Halton are located at Bidston, Gillmoss, Huyton and Southport.