Our Future World

We asked schools across Merseyside and Halton to show us what they want their future world to look like.
Our future world with icons of human and nature interactions surrounding it



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We can all make small changes to make our future world a better place. 

When you dream about ‘Our Future World’ what do you imagine?

Do you see bees buzzing between flowers? Can you hear birds singing as you wake up? Will there be clean green spaces to enjoy, free of litter? Your dream may be a clear blue sea full of creatures, a buzzing garden teaming with insects or a lush green rainforest bursting with colourful plants.

Small changes can have a big impact on our future world, what could you do? 

You could simply switch off your lights to cut carbon. Plant more wildflowers to improve biodiversity. Walk instead of hopping in the car to decrease pollution. Maximise our resources by recycling items we no longer need at our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Our future world with icons of human and nature interactions surrounding it



green and


Showcasing our past eco competition winners!

Click below to see the past winners and their entries...

2019 Wipe Out Waste Schools Challenge

Pupils from the whole school, from Reception to Year 6, visited Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre. After their visit they were challenged to find exciting ways to share and pass on what they had learnt to encourage everyone to wipe out waste. 

Winner: Woodlands Primary School, Wirral

The winning entry from the school impressed the judges by featuring a different project from each class, including making bioplastic with milk and vinegar, reducing single use plastic at lunch time and creating their own labels for recycling bins to remind people what can go in. 

Mrs Donnelly (left), teacher at Woodlands Primary School and Kirsty Martin (right), Education Officer at Veolia with pupils from the Eco Committee.

2018 Wipe Out Waste Schools Challenge

Pupils were challenged to find exciting ways to share and pass on what they had learned after visiting the Recycling Discovery Centre, with the aim to encourage everyone to wipe out waste. 

Winner: Ladymount Catholic Primary School, Wirral

The school’s Sustainability Squad won with an impressive range of eco initiatives put in place to help the whole school and wider community to Wipe out Waste!

Carl Beer, MRWA (left) and Neil Fox, Veolia with the winners from Ladymount Catholic Primary School

2017 Schools Eco Competition

Entrants were asked to share the work that they had done back in school after their visit to the Recycling Discovery Centre. The aim of the school projects was to encourage their friends and families to recycle more and reduce their waste.  

Winner: St Hugh's Catholic Primary School, Liverpool

St Hugh’s eco council created an innovative film to encourage their friends and families to recycle the right things in their bins at home. They were delighted to be named the winners and were presented with the £150 prize cheque.  

Runner-Up: Ashley High School, Widnes

Ashley High School, a high school that caters for students with autism and social communication needs, were named as the runners-up and the judges gave them special recognition for the hard work they put in to their entry.
Following their visit, they designed and delivered an eco-assembly to the whole school to share what they found on the visit and informed the rest of the school why it was important to recycle.  

2015 Schools Writing Competition: "The things i wish i'd known"

Entrants were asked to write to a family in 2015 with the theme: ‘The things I wish I’d known’. To persuade the family to keep recycling and reduce their waste.

We asked entrants to imagine they were living in 2050 where the world is a very different place:

The 50% recycling target wasn’t met by 2020, families started to reduce their recycling activities and began wasting more. With 9.5 billion people now in the world, there is so much waste. People’s lives are affected more and more. Because of climate change, many people are struggling to survive. The experts in 2014 said we needed 3.8 planets to survive on - they were right! By 2050 many of our resources are really running out; the things we buy are now very expensive because of this and we have damaged many habitats in getting the raw materials needed for everyday living.

Winner: Emma Clarke, Year 6, Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Primary School, Wallasey

The Future?

Hello, hello I am from the future.
May I just say,
That life is not better today.
I wish i'd written on both sides of the of the paper,
I wish i'd eaten ugly food,
I wish I'd turned the tap off when brushing my teeth,
I wish i'd bought things with less packaging.
Please do because you don't want to see today.

I wish I'd passed down all my clothes, 
Please don't ignore this and waste time on your phones,
I wish I'd put more in the grey bin than green,
Please do that to change the world.

I wish we worked as a recycling team,
To smile twenty-four seven,
I wish I did this while I was still eleven,
Please don't copy me.
I wish I'd opened my eyes to see the waste.
Please always think this to keep the smile on your face.

If you don't consider waste now, wait thirty-five years and see,
I hope you take this advice.
Take it from me.
Knowing what I know now,
Wishing I thought more about the impact on the world.
Less waste; Recycle; Protect YOUR future

Winner Emma Clarke with Stuart Donaldson - MRWA, Rose Halliwell - Veolia and Mr Forber - Headteacher at Saints Peter and Pauls Catholic Primary