Cullet Production Facility

Find out what happens when you recycle glass bottles and jars

The Cullet Production Facility in St Helens processes high quality recycled glass from packaging. 

The facility gives yearly a new lease of life to over 60,000 tonnes of used glass bottles and jars collected from households, as it cleans, separates and refines them into high purity raw materials. 

This provides Knauf Insulation with a stable supply of high quality recycled glass from packaging, which is a key raw material used to manufacture energy saving insulation products. This end-to-end process supports the strategies of both companies in regards to sustainability, recycling and preserving scarce raw materials.



Process Overview

Latest technology to sort and separate glass at a micro-level with exceptional accuracy, delivering an ultra-pure glass cullet to ensure the highest possible quality of insulation. The machinery includes vibrating screens for size sorting, magnets to extract ferrous materials and eddy current separators for non-ferrous materials.

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