Household Waste Recycling Centres

There are 16 Household Waste Recycling Centres for residents to use across the Liverpool City Region

Summer: 8:00-20:00
1st April - 30th September

Winter: 8:00-17:00
1st October - 31st March

Open Every Day
except Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day

You must book an appointment to visit if you are using a van, whether hired or owned or for a trailer between 2m and 3m in length. Household waste only. No trade waste will be accepted, checks will be in place.

Halton Resident Van Bookings: CALL 0303 333 4300

Once the date of a booking has been confirmed, the vehicle registration details will be provided to site attendants. You can visit at any time on the day you have booked, you will not be asked to book a specific time slot. If there are queues at site, residents with a van allocation booking will need to join the queue.

Visits in a van or with a large trailer will be strictly limited to one vehicle/household per week, with a maximum of 12 visits per year.

Trade, Commercial and Industrial waste is not permitted at Household Waste Recycling Centres, if we suspect you have trade waste your details may be passed on to enforcement authorities. 

If someone transports your waste as part of their trade or to make money they must be registered as a waste carrier, this is trade waste and is not accepted at Household Waste Recycling Centres. Use the S.C.R.A.P code when arranging for someone to collect waste from your home:

  • Suspect – Reputable companies don't usually make direct approaches. If in doubt, don't let them take your waste.
  • Check – Ask for their waste carrier details, verify them with the Environment Agency and record the registration number of the vehicle used to take your waste away.
  • Refuse – Refuse unsolicited offers to have any rubbish removed, carry out your own research to choose. 
  • Ask – Find out where it's going and ask for evidence that it's going to be disposed of appropriately. A legitimate waste carrier should not object to being asked reasonable questions.
  • Paperwork – Get a receipt containing the written information for your waste. Including what has been removed, where it's going and the company or tradesperson’s details. 

Asbestos is accepted by appointment only at selected Recycling Centres. Cement bonded asbestos products may include: corrugated and flat cement sheets typically used to construct garages, sheds, water goods, and floor tiles and linoleum.

Trade: We do not accept asbestos that has been generated as part of any trade activity, rental properties or allotments. 

The service is available at each site once every 3 weeks. During peak times appointments may take up to 6 weeks

Select a recycling centre to view layout and details

St Helens
Newton Le Willows Recycling Centre
Junction Lane, Newton Le Willows
WA12 8DN
West Kirby Recycling Centre
Greenbank Road, West Kirby
CH48 5HL
Southport Recycling Centre
Foul Lane, Southport
South Sefton Recycling Centre,
Irlam Road, Bootle
L20 4AE
Sefton Meadows Recycling Centre
Sefton Lane, Maghull
L31 8BT
St Helens
Ravenhead Recycling Centre
Burtonhead Road, St Helens
St Helens
Rainhill Recycling Centre
Tasker Terrace, Rainhill
L35 4NX
Picow Farm Recycling Centre
Picow Farm Road, Runcorn
Otterspool Recycling Centre
Jericho Lane, Liverpool
L17 5AR

Avoid peak times. Weekends & bank holidays are the busiest. 

Children and animals must stay in the vehicle at all times.

Protect yourself. Wear appropriate clothing, footwear & gloves.

Height barriers at entrances & exits. Please ask for assistance.

Recycling & Reuse Opportunities 

Do you have an idea of how we can recycle or reuse more materials? Here are some of our partners who are helping us to turn waste into a resource.

We are working to increase the amount of items and materials that can be reused and recycled to maximise the potential of resources and reduce waste. 

We'd like to hear from you if you have a proposal for an innovative idea of how you can work with us to reduce waste by reusing or recycling the everyday items that we see delivered to our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

We currently accept approximately 40 different material types at our Recycling Centres for recycling, diversion or disposal. We aim to ensure that resources are captured and given a new lease of life where possible, you can see some examples here. 

If you are an organisation, project or community initiative with an idea that changes the way we think about waste and want to reuse or recycle unwanted materials from our Recycling Centres, then get in touch.